E-Mage for Web


E-Mage for Web is a simple utility for creating html image galleries. It automatically generates thumbnails (scaled-down versions of images) and places them on html pages by a specified template. The program comes with several templates to choose from. You can edit them to fit your needs.

When you create HTML image galleries on your own, you are likely to encounter two typical problems. First, it is necessary to write multiple repeating and almost identical pieces of text (HTML code). Second, it may be hard to collect necessary data about every image - its name, dimensions, file size, etc. Templates help you to solve these problems without losing flexibilty. Using templates you can put images on an HTML page in many different ways. The template language is naturally embedded in HTML code, so you can easily create new templates from regular html documents.

E-Mage for Web can prove to be useful for both the novices and the experienced webmasters. With E-Mage for Web it is very simple to create your first image gallery. Just put some images into the list, choose one of the predefined templates and click the Run button to start processing.

Target OS: Windows 98/ME/2k/XP


Gallery Example
  • Automatic generation of high quality thumbnails.
    You can customize dimensions, border, compression quality and more.
  • Automatic quality adjustment. (Unique feature)
    You can bound the size of jpeg files. All produced thumbnails will be adjusted by quality to fit the limit.
  • Using templates to build html-pages:
    • Template commands are embedded in regular html-documents.
      You can create a new template on the basis of your own page.
    • Templates provide high customizability and flexibility.
      It is possible to create complex multi-level galleries.
    • The template language includes a wide set of various macros (to insert thumbnails, links to full-size images and to next/previous page, image properties, and so on); commands for describing alternatives and repeated structures (such as table cells and rows).
    • The distribution package includes a set of predefined templates for generating galleries of different style.
  • Other features
    • Easy-to-use file selector with "drag and drop".
    • Built-in image viewer and template editor.
  • The image processing and compression module has been finally replaced with the latest version of JPEG Imager's engine. It works faster (up to 35% on some machines), is frequently updated and has support for the PNG file format along with many other features.
  • New template command - INCLUDE
  • New LOOP condition - SameDir (repeat while images are in the same folder). As example, see "folders.htm" template. It heavily uses MAKE and INCLUDE commands, SameDir condition and new macros.
  • New macros: Source.Dir, Source.DirDrive, Source.SubDir
  • Several improvements in the template editor.
  • Improved built-in image viewer.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Many minor bug-fixes.